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Jiangsu Furen group's economic analysis meeting in the first quarter of 2019 was successfully held

In order to ensure that each subsidiary clearly understands the changing situation and practices of the digital transformation, The economic analysis meeting of jiangsu furen group in the first quarter of 2019 was held on April 12, 2019 on solstice. Vice President of the group, Ms. Wu, chaoyang, vice President of the group, the general managers of the subsidiaries and the finance department of the group attended the meeting. This meeting is means into four agendas: Green intelligent power sector, energy terminal service sector, Intelligent manufacturing sector and group meeting, The general manager of each subsidiary company and The financial sponsor made speeches in turn, Analyzed the operating results of the first quarter realistically and comprehensively deployed the key work of the second quarter. At the meeting, chairman yuan made a profound analysis of the economic operation in the first quarter. While affirming the development of the company, He also made an analysis of the next stage. Throughout; Make the following requirements: 1. Target reconstruction or growth? The matching of enterprise strategy and digital transformation 2, the clear positioning Digital maturity 3, the clear hand section Combined with the implementation of digital transformation The new old push, day born. The year 2019 is & amp; Other Digital furen & amp; Throughout; The opening year of construction & Other Digital furen & amp; Throughout; As a pioneering, long - term and complex system engineering, it must follow a clear strategic path and move forward unswervingly. To do daily, not afraid of thousands of miles,, do, She was afraid of thousands of things, struggling to cross the road ahead of the ditch, conquer & Other High quality & amp; Throughout; Calibrated seat elevation!