Mr. Renwei Yuan was born in 1969. The founder and incumbent Chairman of Jiangsu Furen Group Co., Ltd. In 1993, Mr. Yuan had established an air condition equipments factory to start up his business on a strategically advantageous position, where had been initiating a new journey of developing modern manufacturie industry.


During the ten years from 1993 to 2003, air condition industry had a strong development. At that time, Mr. Yuan had vigorously introduced modern equipment, expanded workshops, and imporved production capacity through seizing developmental opportunities. Furthermore, Mr. Yuan had kept pace with the times to adjust industrial structure step-by-step, and organized "Jiangsu Furen Group" by establishing each subsidiary company in succession.Furen Group had been transformed production pattern from traditional machining to automation equipment production of mechatronics. Thus, Furen Group had officially grown into a concentric diversification group company.


Innovating in progress, reforming in innovation. The decade since 2004 was the most important ten-years in Furen's development history. Each subsidiary company has thrived that made Furen Group has expanded spontaneously. Traditional manufacturing industry has been gradually distributed to develop in outside subsidiary companies, while the scientific and technologic projects such as aviation technology and gas station construction service has developed rapidly. Pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading is more and more powerful, modern manufacturing industry has improved steadily meanwhile high-technology industry has advanced rapidly. During this ten-years, Mr. Yuan has invariably adhered the corporate culture of "Diversification, Communication, Containment, Innovation, Harmony" and the operation philosophy of " Innovation makes the future, Honesty makes brilliance" to lead workers to struggle. Besides, he has successfully create an integrated industrial pattern including the intelligent manufacturing, terminal service, green intelligent electric power, and industrial finance.


In the future, Mr. Renwei Yuan will use internet thinking as strategic thought, actively boost each subsidiary company to conduct transformation and upgrading in the internet e-commerce era for establishing Intelligent Furen Group.