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Leaders of Chengjiang Street visit the front-line staff of Furen group

The midsummer heat is so hot that my back is wet with sweat. This morning, chengjiang street party working committee secretary zhang guangwei, Chengjiang street party working committee deputy secretary tang xuejiang, chengjiang street office deputy director zhu jianjiang, Chengjiang street publicity committee member tang desheng and other party came to the group to comfort the high temperature weather is still fighting in the first line of enterprise workers, Furen group chairman yuan renwei accompanied the condolences. At the sheet - metal assembly shop, the workers are sweating and concentrating on their work. Yuan renwei, chairman of furen group, Warmly received street leaders and introduced in detail the current production situation of the workshop and the existing sophisticated technology and equipment. The street leaders to express condolences To the workers, to the workers to cool things, and told everyone in the struggle to work while also paying attention to the body. The person in charge of the enterprise should safeguard safe production, ensure worker to work and rest union, safeguard production of the enterprise finally orderly and stable. In the hot summer, this condolence activity sent to the staff to share, the cool and refreshing, even if the high temperature is still, everyone 's morale rose, full of energy, stick to the each shift, Accompanied by time!, and furen spirit and economic, for the group 's work in an orderly manner to contribute.